MAR 202015

Spring Work Resumes in Earnest

Rollins Road Gateway Construction


Work has resumed in earnest on the project after the winter. The sheet piling from temporary IL Rte. 83 has been removed and the south leg of IL Rte. 83 cut down to the new grade.

The sewer and water main is being installed under the new IL Rte. 83 pavement. This work should last another week or two. Monday, (March 23, 2015) the water main work will be taking place inside the driveway south of Rollins Road and east of IL Rte. 83. The driveway will still be open, so please feel free to use it. After that work will move to the north side of IL Rte. 83.

The grading crew will be following the sewer crew. They will cut IL Rte. 83 to its final grade and place the stone base for the road. If all goes well, the site will be ready for the paving crew the first week of April.

After dealing with some utility issues, the contractor was able to install the storm sewer linking the two ponds east of Hainesville Road. In early April, they will resume work on the retaining wall there and hopefully have it complete a few weeks after that.

One other area of work that will be coming up is on Hainesville Road. There is a short stretch of pavement left to install where temporary Rollins Road used to be. In the next few weeks, the contractor hopes to install the last bit of temporary pavement needed to stage traffic for this work.

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