NOV 232015

Punchlist slowed down due to weekend weather

Rollins Road Gateway Construction


The snow last week threw a wrench into the contractor’s plans for the punchlist and patching. Towards the end of last week, it became apparently that the winter storm was growing in intensity and we’d have to get the road fully re-opened so it could be plowed. All the open holes in the pavement were temporarily patched to give a solid surface for the plows. Hopefully, the weather will hold next week, and the contractor will be able to get these patches re-excavated and permanently patched. Also on the agenda for next week is the continued modification to the shopping center driveway on IL 83, south of Rollins Road. There were apparently some issues with the grade of the driveway that needed to be adjusted, so the contractor will be making those repairs as well. We want to wait until next week to make sure everything is safe and wide-open for the long Thanksgiving weekend.

They have been trying to get as much of the punchlist completed today as possible. The asphalt crews are out there today completing all the asphalt work they can, including the mailbox turnouts on Hainesville and fixing a dip in the pavement at the east end of the Rollins Road work.

I don’t expect too much else happening this week with the upcoming holiday, but the contractor will be back out the following week to continue repairs to the pavement and driveway. So far, the forecast looks manageable for that.

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