JUN 302014

Trains Running on New Track!

Rollins Road Gateway Construction


With trains now running on the new tracks, work on the rest of Rollins Road is underway.

Crews are excavating Rollins Road east of IL Rte 83. After another week or two of excavation, that side will be finished and the contractor can begin the underground sewer/water work. West of IL Rte 83, crews are still working on placing the steel sheet piling that will allow them to excavate. There should be another two to three weeks of work excavating and installing ground anchors. Then construction of the west half of the bridge abutment (and Rollins under the tracks) can begin.

Traffic was shifted on Hainesville. This will allow for the construction of the east half of the Rollins/Hainesville intersection as well as finishing up the curb and asphalt work on the south leg of Rollins.

Work will also continue on the retaining wall the IL Rte 83 and Hook for another few weeks.


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