APR 292016

Punchlist Resumes

Rollins Road Gateway Construction


Work on the punch list has resumed on the Rollins Road project. Landscapers are planting the trees and bushes that will make up our final landscaping. Many of the plants have seasonal restrictions, so they could not be installed until this spring.

The decorative work on the Rollins medians continues. There are two tones to the concrete borders around the landscaping, a dark, pebbled surface and a brick-like design with colors similar to the retaining walls on site.

In the next few weeks, the contractor should be completing the remaining punchlist items, repairing damaged spots, touching up landscaping, replacing faded pavement markings, and other miscellaneous cleanup. There shouldn’t be any more big items like the pavement patching last fall, but there will be occasional lane closures so the contractor can access the work.

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