Rollins Road Reconstruction Project

The goal of this project is to reduce traffic congestion at the intersection of Rollins Road and IL Rte 83, while maintaining traffic flow for area businesses and residents. To accomplish this, the newly designed corridor will feature:

  • Temporary roadways built to keep traffic and construction separate. The temporary road will have the same number of lanes as the existing road.
  • Rollins Road / IL Rte 83 intersection will be lowered to allow Rollins Road traffic to pass beneath the CN Railroad tracks, completely eliminating one cause of delays. All four legs of the intersection will have two through lanes, two left turn lanes, and one right turn lane.
  • Rollins Road / Hainesville Road intersection will be shifted west.
  • Rollins Road / Round Lake Commons entrances will be shifted east with additional capacity.


This stage includes construction of the new south Rollins Road pavement east of IL Rte. 83. The east side of the new IL Rte. 83 pavement will be completed. The temporary IL Rte. 83 pavement and bridge will be removed.

Traffic will shift to the new, lower IL Rte. 83 pavement. Rollins, Hainesville, and Clarendon Roads remain the same. Access to the Rollins Plaza businesses south of Rollins Road will be open at the driveway west of Wood St. There is a chance of temporary lane closures during the day. The bridge removal may require nighttime closures.

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Construction work will take place on Rollins Road between Mallard Creek Drive and Wood Street; on IL Rte 83 between Hook Drive and Avon School, as well as on Hainesville Road from the Mallard Creek Shopping Center to south of Clarendon Drive.

All new pavement is anticipated to be open by November 2014. The project will cost approximately $TDB

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