Protection of the environment is important for current and future generations. To be successful this project must both maintain the natural beauty of Lake County and increase access to these natural areas.

The complicated staging of the project will require an aggressive, proactive approach to erosion and sediment control to keep the storm water runoff clean. A detailed Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan has been developed and will be adjusted as needed to accomplish this.

Pedestrian and bike facilities will be improved as part of this project. A new multi-use trail will connect Gateway Park to the Lake County Forest Preserves Millennium Trail. The intersections with Mallard Creek, Hainesville Road, IL Rte. 83, and the Rollins Plaza will have crosswalks and pedestrian signals at all legs of the intersections to encourage bicycle and pedestrian access to the area.

Nearly 200 trees, 1400 shrubs, 10,000 prairie plants, 6,500 wetland plants and 3.5 acres of prairie grasses will be planted as part of the final restoration of the project.