OCT 72014

Detour Still in Effect - New PCC Pavement Installation

Rollins Road Gateway Construction


Work continues on IL Rte. 83. The contractor is installing new PCC pavement to the north of Rollins Road. Since these are smaller pieces there will be several days of concrete placement left. Once the west side of the pavement is in, the curb crews will begin placing the curb from Rollins Road up to north of Hook Drive. This will likely begin the week of October 13.
South of Rollins Road, the contractor has begun installing the rest of the retaining wall which will separate IL Rte. 83 from the railroad tracks. In the next few weeks, they will be installing ground anchors, similar what was done over the winter at the other retaining walls. These anchors are permanent, not temporary, but the idea is the same: a long steel rod is drilled into the ground and the hole is filled with grout. This anchor will hold the steel sheeting of the retaining wall in place. When complete, it will all be covered in concrete like the retaining walls north of Rollins Road.

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September 24 detour image


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