DEC 192014

IL Rte. 83 is Now Open to Traffic

Rollins Road Gateway Construction


The new IL Rte. 83 pavement is now open to traffic and the intersection with Rollins Road restored. Traffic through the winter will be in the following configuration:

  • Rollins Road: Two lanes in each direction with left-turn lanes at Hainesville Road and IL Rte. 83
  • IL Rte. 83: One lane in each direction with left-turn lanes at IL Rte. 83, Hook Drive, and by the Pep Boys entrance. There are also new right-turn lanes for SB IL 83 at Hook Drive and Rollins Road.
  • Hainesville Road Remains in the same configuration.

There will be limited work over the next few weeks. The contractor will continue working on the retaining walls west of IL Rte. 83, one along the railroad tracks and the other east of Hainesville Road. The work this winter will consist of placing the concrete faces and caps on the walls while the weather allows. The contractor will also remove the temporary bridge from temporary IL Rte. 83, now that it is no longer being used. To go along with that work, they will also work on cutting down the embankment to bring the grade in-line with the new IL Rte. 83 pavement as the weather allows.

Once the spring weather cooperates, work will resume on the eastern half of IL Rte. 83. There will be another retaining wall going up at the southeast corner of Rollins Road/IL Rte. 83, but that will be the extent of the structural work.

The last piece of Hainesville Road and remaining miscellaneous pieces of Rollins Road will also be built in the spring, followed by the remaining work in the project.

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September 24 detour image


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